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Here at Kerry's All Leather Care, we strive to provide the best possible service to all of our happy clients. Below are just a few reasons on why you should choose us.

Fully Mobile Service

We come to you. Whether it's your your Home, Office or Showroom

Competitive Pricing

No need for expensive franchise costs to be passed onto our clients

Flexible Appointments

Book weekends or afterhours to fit around your busy lifestyle

Industry Leaders

Highly skilled and passionate technicians ready to help ​

Cleaning & Protection

Regular cleaning, conditioning and protective treatments help prolong the life span of your leather. Body oils, dust, dirt and grime can build up on leather and accumulation of these can lead to the break down of protective coatings and then continue to the fibres beneath. Our international product sourcing allows us to select effective but environmentally friendly products. In turn, enabling us to provide strong cleaning with peace of mind of clean disposal. Don’t risk just anyone treating your leather, call in one of our experts.

Damage Repair

There are numerous reasons your leather may become damaged and begin to break down. But don’t throw it out. Kerry's All Leather Care are experienced in repairing issues such as; Rips and tears, Cat scratches, Burns, Stains, Holes, Mould Damage & Scuffs. We have a range of internationally sourced products and techniques we use to repair your damaged upholstery. All technicians are highly skilled and trained to deliver quality repairs.

Ink & Pen Removal

Ink can soak deep within the leather in a matter of minutes. Rest assured, our specially formulated products and techniques are designed to tackle even the most permanent of ink staining. Tip: Do not use any harsh chemicals or products on your precious leather (e.g. alcohol, nail polish remover or hairspray) to remove ink. These products contain harsh chemicals that will strip your protective coating and pigmented layer.

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Refurbishment & Restoration

Kerry's All Leather Care specialise in bringing your damaged, tired or warn upholstery back to life. We offer many different refurbishment options depending on the type of leather and conduct all work on site with our mobile services, saving on expensive transport costs. Our products sourced are of tannery grade and specifically formulated for restorations. Our Technicians have been trained by the best in the business, we are dedicated repairers for multiple retailers and are always keeping up to date with newest techniques and technology.

Leather Recolouring

A change of colour can be the perfect way to transform your space without the hassle of purchasing new furniture. We work with you to find the perfect colour and sheen. Due to the scale of work involved with a full recolour, the suite is required to be picked up and taken to our workshop to complete.

Independent Inspections

Our technicians can provide third party assessments, professional leather advice or assist in resolving warranty issues. Our reporting schedule allows us to carry out comprehensive and independent reports on queries relating to damage and wear with supporting photos and recommendations on the best way to mediate the situation for all parties.

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